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How power of touch massage therapy helps treat back pain!

At the time of touch massage therapy Seminole Blvd, Largo, Florida, the exertion of pressure and tension improves blood circulation in the back muscles and has a calming effect on the nervous system. This can release painful tension and allow different layers of tissue to be shifted against each other again.

For the treatment of chronic back pain, scientific studies have shown a positive effect of power of touch massage therapy, especially in combination with physical exercise.

With power of touch massage Largo, Florida, various hand movements such as rolling, rubbing, stroking or kneading are used for very specific tissue structures. In addition, there are special massages such as segment massage, meridian massage or connective tissue massage, which in addition to the direct local impact, also reach and influence deeper tissue structures.

In the case of annoying chronic back pain, it is by far not enough to simply knead particularly tense areas of the back muscles and hope for the relieving effect. Movement training (for example physiotherapy or special back exercises, also back swimming), are part of it – a combination that only the “healing hands” of a trained masseuse can offer.

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you want only the best power of touch massage Seminole Blvd, Largo, FL 33778? To experience only the very best power of touch massage therapy, be sure to call 727 430 7576!

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