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I met Tammy about 12 years ago and walked into her massage studio in Largo for a massage, she was excellent and became my massage therapist. Back in 2018 I had a lot of pain in my right side and groin area, after a few massages in a week my gluts would not release and referred me to check with my doctor. After about a 2 weeks of doctors visits and X-rays, I found that I needed a hip replacement. Well with massage from Tammy and her wonderful hands and techniques I am still holding off and walking again !!!!! I also added CBD oil to my daily routine and with a weekly massage I was feeling great within the 1st month and I was off my scooter and back walking. The following spring I was back on the golf course and now get out about twice a week golfing!!!! Thanks to Tammy I can hold of on the hip replacement a few more years!!!!

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