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Experience the magic of the power of touch massage therapy pre-natal massage!

A pre-natal massage consists of very gentle strokes and thus it is also called a ‘Butterfly Massage’.

The power of touch massage therapy pre-natal massage offers an optimal preparation for the birth, it facilitates labor and stabilizes the vegetative nervous system, which can possibly shorten the duration of the birth.

A gentle power of touch massage Largo, FL 33778 brings your body into a deep state of relaxation after a strenuous day, improves blood circulation, improves self-awareness and thus your body awareness. In addition, there is an increased release of the binding hormone “oxytocin”.

Many pregnant women today ask about antenatal acupuncture, to effectively prepare for childbirth. However, this effect can also be achieved without needles and the risk of infection, with the Power of Touch Massage Therapy Seminole Blvd, Largo, Florida.

Tensions in the lower back, hips and abdomen are released with the power of touch massage therapy pre-natal massage and the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis are gently loosened. This can help the head slide in and step down during the birth.

Pre-birth massages are useful from the 32nd week of pregnancy.

If you are seeking only the best of the power of touch massage therapy pre-natal massage, be sure to call 727 430 7576 and fix an appointment!

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