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How reflexology and the power of touch massage therapy can help you!

What is reflexology?

Reflexology works on your feet, hands and head.

Reflexology is a misunderstood spa therapy. Most people think this is a kind of foot massage. Unfortunately, some spa therapists treat it this way. The treatment is very common. Reflexology as a treatment method, was actually developed in the United States in the 20th century.

Reflexology is a type of spa therapy in which the therapist works on reflex points on the feet, hands and ears. These reflex points are thought to be related to specific organs and glands in the body.

Stimulating these acupoints with finger pressure with touch massage therapy Seminole Blvd Largo Florida, can promote the health of those organs and glands through the energy pathways of the body.

When done by a skilled masseuse, reflexology and the power of touch massage therapy is a deeply relaxing treatment that can be felt throughout the body. The masseuse will use various techniques including gripping, finger massage, kneading, rotating and rubbing.

Reflexology with power of touch massage Largo FL 33778 should have an effect throughout the body

As part of reflexology and the power of touch massage therapy, you should feel the effects over your entire body.

There is evidence that 4,000 years ago, Chinese and Egyptians were undergoing some form of hand-foot treatment. The modern rediscovery of a certain systemic foot therapy is attributed to Dr. William Fitzgerald, which he called “regional therapy”.

His work was expanded by Eunice Ingham, known as the “pioneer of modern reflexology”. She deliberately mapped her feet to all corresponding organs and glands in the body. Ingham designed a set of technical systems that enable practitioners to interact and respond in the most effective and economical way.

This system is called the “Primitive Ingham Method”. Although this method has been further refined, her legacy is still the basis of modern reflexology.

What you need to know about reflexology

For those who want to keep their clothes on during the massage, reflexology and the power of touch massage therapy is a good treatment option. If you are short on time and do not want to oil your body or hair, this is also a good choice.

You should ask the power of touch massage Seminole Blvd Largo FL 33778 therapist what specific training or certification has been done. It is better to get reflexology from someone who has undergone specialized reflex training and certification programs.

Reflexology was first developed in the United States in the early 20th century and was called “regional therapy” in its earliest incarnation. It is based on the theory that the body is divided into ten areas that move longitudinally from head to toe – five areas on each side of the body. Practitioners believe that the pressure on the reflex points of the feet or hands will affect the body organs in the same area.

In recent years, practitioners of reflexology have begun to apply the acupressure techniques of Chinese medicine to their work. Although reflexology is based on the “area” theory, rather than the “meridian” theory or energy pathways of Chinese medicine, both treatment methods are based on the principle that working at a specific point can work on other parts of the body and produce a therapeutic effect.

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